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Avant Skincare

Avant Skincare

About Avant Skincare

Avant Skincare | The first skincare-to-share™ brand in the world.

Over the past year, 1.5 million people have had the chance to get their hands on their products across the US, UK, and Europe. This year they committed to getting Avant in the hands of another 4 million people worldwide.

Avant Skincare is a cult brand that embraces a skincare-to-share™ approach and sits in the luxury segment of the cosmeceuticals industry. Their assortment has been continuously growing with over 80 products available at present. The most influent beauty retailers including Harvey NicholsBath & UnwindBeauty ExpertEl Corte Ingles or Lookfantastic for instance.

At Avant, they believe beauty should be a source of confidence. With such diverse skin conditions, they help to develop a positive relationship with the way they look and realise their full potential through a unique approach to skincare.

As skincare professionals, they are able to identify that customers desired a combination of both approaches to skincare. They sought the expertise of dermatologists and skincare insiders in order to develop our first skincare line. Bio Activ+ and have continued this approach when developing their extensive range. The focus was on creating non-invasive products that can be used at home but will still deliver visible results. Meticulously scrutinising each ingredient that formulate their products and always standing by this blend of nature and science. Ultimately their goal is to make customers feel confident in their own skin.

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