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Best Direct UK

About Best Direct UK

With the coming of age of e-commerce, Best Direct UK take product promotion to the next level. From the comfort of your own home stay updated with the latest Best Direct news through their tailored email campaigns. These will keep you informed of new offers/products and allow customers to enlist in competitions and win great prizes.

Founded in 1992 and based on decades of television and demonstration selling experience the Best Direct story began in the late 1940's. William Levene sought out the best, most innovative household products from all over the world and demonstrated them to the British public at county shows, fairs and exhibitions.

With the advent of commercial television in the early 1970’s, product demonstration moved from the showground to the small screen. Today in the UK, Best Direct operate a 24 hr shopping channel broadcasting on the Sky satellite platform (ch 669).

Throughout the passage of time their goal has remained the same: “To bring to market product inventions that meet the needs of modern living by making everyday tasks quicker, easier and more satisfying – The Best products Direct to you!"

We specialise in bestselling consumer products across the following categories:

  • Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Hair & Beauty 
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • DIY
  • Kids
  • Home & Cleaning

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