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About Bother

Bother launched in 2020 to help households across the UK get essentials delivered next day. They use machine learning to help ensure homes never run out of what they need.

From cleaning products to store cupboard staples, Bother can take care of all your boring basics allowing you to shop at your local store or local online delivery service for all the other exciting things you like.

At Bother, they want the right choice to be as easy as, well, doing what you usually do, week in, week out. That’s why they’re lowering the carbon impact of the choices you already make. By doing your big shop of usual household essentials with Bother, you’re instantly part of the solution. Bother deliver the annoying-to-carry, bulky but necessary stuff in a way that saves everyone time, money, waste and carbon.

You shouldn’t have to battle with environmental guilt each time you reach for the loo roll.

Bother, so you don’t have to.

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