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illamasqua UK

illamasqua UK

About illamasqua UK

Illamasqua UK was Launched in 2008 by Julian Kynaston. Illamasqua is a British beauty brand that stands out from the crowd and supports individuality, personality and empowerment.

Their products are designed to give you the tools, expertise and confidence to create limitless makeup looks. Featuring rich pigments and textures it is formulated and packaged for you to get the best results with ease.

Illamasqua UK are also proud to be cruelty-free. Their brushes are made from synthetic hair and none of their products have been or will be tested on animals. They are proud to be free of animal testing and only work with suppliers who have the same principles.

Traditionally we are told that makeup is meant to be about making you pretty, as a way to fit in - Illamasqua think differently. They want you to use makeup to express yourself, to feel confident, to be whatever it is that you want.

Expressing yourself could be as simple as a coat of mascara or as bold as rocking a green lipstick just because you can; whatever your makeup desires, Illamasqua lets you unleash your inner confidence.

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